New Picture, new thoughts.

It's not the greatest picture of a parking lot, but as I took the picture I began to think that it represented my life.

I have so much to be thankful for.  My children have become the light of my life.  I feel stable and secure as their father.  I feel comfortable and secure in my employment.  Financially, I finally feel like I have a plan to eliminate my debt.  I also have met some incredible people lately.  My standing in the church continues to grow and be strengthened.  Lately I have felt that my sins are forgiven me, and that I am being blessed.

First, the sunshine.  The sun can represent a giver of light, a shining beacon, and something bright.  Not only is it the true candle upon a hill, but it also represents our future.  If you look to light, YOU WILL HAVE A LIGHT TOO.  The sun can also represent something else.  Something that when you get too close to, or stand in long enough, you get burned.  It's not to say that the sun is bad, but it also represents the part of life where you need to take care of yourself.  You need water, sunscreen, shade, sunglasses and many other things to avoid the harm the sun can do.  God gave us the sun, but he also expects us to protect ourselves from the harm it can do.  Overall the sun is good, but it isn't the only thing here for us.

The Clouds.  Clouds are all around.  Sometimes clouds can completely block the sun, and sometimes they can be scattered about like in the picture.  Sometimes clouds can be high up, and sometimes its as if they are just above your head.  Clouds can soak you and cause lots and lots of problems, and sometimes they just float on by temporarily creating shade.  Often lightning can be seen, and felt coming from the clouds.  It can knock people down, kill them, or just make the hairs on their arms stand up.  Thunder usually accompanies lightning, and can create the loudest and most fearful noise ever.  I can't remember being more scared than the time I heard thunder crack right above me (with the accompanying lightning strike).  Being fair skinned, clouds are my friends.  I feel energized when there is the right amount of shade.  The energy the sun takes from me, the clouds give it back.  I can spend more time outside and temperature is lower too!  Clouds can also symbolize a loss of hope and depression.  It's good to see a break in the clouds every once in a while.

Lastly, Rain:  For some people, rain is a good thing.  For some it can be too much, too quickly.  For others it can be a daily thing that gets old. In this case right here the rain was falling in gigantic drops while the hot sun was beating down.  I doubt the rain did much.  Perhaps it temporarily lowered the temperature, until the humidity kicks in from evaporation.  Maybe enough fell between the blades of grass to satisfy the lawns thirst.  Today I bet someone felt so much joy they wanted to dance in the rain.  Also on this day I wonder how many people used the rain to mask their tears.  Rain can be considered cleansing.  Who may have felt that this little storm was meant for them as a 'washing' so to speak?  How many people just watched the rain as they simultaneously shed tears? Only God knows and understands.

I've had so much go through my busy mind in the last 4 years.  I've thought a lot.  What I have learned, even in these last two weeks, is this: No matter what the weather pattern, No matter what size the clouds are, No matter the size the drops of rain are, and No Matter how loud the thunder and how massive the strikes of lightning are, ....the bottom line is I will know when it is time to seek cover, dance, or cry if I seek to be righteous.

It always creates an interesting moment when the sun is shining, but the rain is pouring down.  Seek sunshine, and dance in the rain and let it cleanse your soul.  I was fortunate to be able to do that this day.  August 5, 2017.   Br