I love you forever Kristin.

Kristin, I'll never forget those days when I was coming out of history class and you would be waiting in the hall at UVU for me.  I remembered you always had a smile on your face.  You always looked so good, you still look good.  I'm so sorry for checking out, stepping out.  I didn't marry you out of desperation, or because I didn't love you.  But I did marry you as a very immature person.  Why do you think I go on a mission at 21, why do you think I have done so many things "late" in this life.  It takes a lot for me to 'get' something.  Here it is though: When I get it, I excel at it.  I never played sports in high school, but I guarantee I know more than 90% of the people that beat me out in any sport, and I'm still in shape enough to beat them.  I messed up, and I was the majority cause of our marriage failing... but when I am allowed to sit and ponder and examine things, forced or not, I figure things out.  I have grown up a lot, I have learn a lot, I have cried a lot, and I have tried to meet new people.  What I have figured out, though, is that I still have so much regret in hurting you, and I have discovered that I loved you so much deeper than I realized.  I cannot listen to a love song and feel right about having feelings like those mentioned in the song after hurting you and leading our marriage to failure.  I am to the point where I would do anything for you, I would spend my life serving you, spoiling you, taking care of you, opening up to you, being transparent to you, ... if it meant that I could see you smile at me again and we could take care of our kids together.  I was prideful, reluctant, and stubborn, ... but I have changed.  I love you, and I'm not scared to admit it, show it, or take ridicule from anyone because of it.  Just say the word and I will drop everything, delete my online presence, leave my phone with you, and focus on taking care of our family.


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